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150 Addeng St, Dededo,
Guam 96929, USA


+1-671-637-7634 / +1-671-686-9426

Federal Contractor
Hub zone certified
DUNS : 855021438





Working in The Laundry Solution is a great experience. Specially working with other people.

Reviewed on - 11/07/2020




Great company to work for! Employees are fun to be around and genuinely care about each other. My supervisor takes care of us as drivers for the company.

Reviewed on - 11/07/2020

Julie Ann Pasion



Excellent team work. They able to manage The Laundry Solution very well. They are good in decision making that's why the flow of the production is smooth. They make sure were safe while working during this pandemic.

Reviewed on - 11/07/2020



"Great team!"

Awesome Team! Especially during this pandemic, employees from The Laundry Solutions took care of all our services.

Reviewed on - 10/29/2020

Matthew Titus


"Thank you!"

Thank you and all of your employees who have worked hard helping and sacrificing their time with our laundry. The letter you sent out with the laundry was very kind, and I hope you receive word back from more than just me about how wonderful it is knowing how much others care. We may sacrifice a lot, but it's people like you who keep us strong during the hard times like this. You are all resilient, brilliant, and we all owe you all a debt from the heart. My laundry came back amazing, and I hope if I ever get a chance to come back to Guam in the future that I can thank you personally. I hope all of you and your families stay safe and healthy throughout all of this! Best Regards, ET3 Titus

Reviewed on - 05/12/2020

Elijah Davis
Charles King Hotel



My clothes came back washed, dried, folded neatly and all were accounted for. They did everything right and well! Much appreciated in this time of crisis. Thank you, guys! Highly recommended.

Reviewed on - 05/10/2020